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EVGA Z15 RGB Mechanical Gaming Silver Switches

EVGA Z15 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Linear Switch, RGB Backlit LED, Hot Swappable Kailh Speed Silver Switches 821-W1-15SP-K2

P/N: 822-W1-15SP-K2

The Z15 RGB keyboard offers the ultimate in custom control, with hot-swappable linear or clicky mechanical switches, ensuring the perfect level of feedback for any user. Powered by a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor, the Z15 offers the most advanced gaming keyboard experience, with a 4000Hz report rate. Customize the Z15 to fit your style with full RGB control featuring per-key RGB LEDs configurable through EVGA UNLEASH. The Z15 has everything the enthusiast needs for expressing themselves with their keyboard and optimizing playstyles.

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EVGA Z15 RGB Mechanical Gaming Silver Switches

SKU: 822-W1-15SP-K2
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